Bologna/Pomezia, 2015 – Alfa Wassermann and sigma-tau, two of the most important Italian pharmaceutical Groups, with strong international presence, signed an agreement to create a new company where each of them will contribute its pharmaceutical business.

This transaction creates a new leading Group in the Italian pharmaceutical market; the Group will be positioned among the top five players in the pharmaceutical sector, both in terms of prescription and OTC products. Outside of Italy, the new Group will operate directly in 18 countries. The initial turnover will be over 900 million Euro with promising growth prospects and a staff of about 2,800 employees, of which about 1,840 operating in Italy and 960 abroad. The operational headquarters in Italy will be based in: Bologna, Milan, Pomezia, Alanno and Sermoneta.

The size of the new Group will enable important investments in research & development, which has always represented a cornerstone for both Alfa Wassermann and sigma-tau with the target of a sustainable level of innovation and development of the product portfolio.

“This project represents a rare example in the pharmaceutical industry: two important Italian firms joining forces with an act of faith in the potential of their Country to compete better at global level.”, said Stefano Golinelli, CEO of Alfa Wassermann. “By putting together the heritage based on people, products and expertise, which is part of our history, we’ll reinforce our presence in the domestic market and strengthen our presence in other important countries, setting the ground for further development.”

“This transaction confirms the ability of two important pharmaceutical players, such as sigma-tau and Alfa Wassermann, to keep up with the times, creating the best conditions for future growth leveraging on the values that characterized both companies since their establishment”, added Andrea Montevecchi, CEO of sigma-tau. “In a competitive environment every day more complex for the pharmaceutical industry, we believe it’s essential to grow in size to face future challenges focusing on R&D investments, which are the back bone of our business.”

Alfa Wassermann

Alfa Wassermann is one of the principal Italian Pharmaceutical Groups with a strong international vocation. Alfa Wassermann was founded in 1948 by Marino Golinelli in Bologna. The Group is employing 1370 employees worldwide (of whom 670 are based in Italy), while indirectly its products are sold in over 60 countries via qualified local distributors. In 2014 the total group turnover was €408 Million.

Ever since its inception in 1948, Alfa Wassermann has constantly been investing in research and innovation, developing breakthrough NCE’s such as rifaximin-α (Normix®), a pharmaceutical product with diverse gastroenterological indications, now on the market in 39 countries. In the USA, branded as Xifaxan®, the product is ranked among the top 50 pharmaceutical products in revenues.

The historical location of Alfa Wassermann in Bologna is the “Italian heart” of the research activities together with the Company HQ and the research laboratories, where new products are developed.


Sigma-tau is one of the most important Italian pharmaceutical groups, with a leading role at international level. Sigma-tau is an entrepreneurial Group whose main objective is to promote the life quality and health. 

Sigma-tau was founded in 1957 by Claudio Cavazza: he was at the head of the company until 2011, the year of his demise. Since the very beginning, Claudio Cavazza carried out pioneerical chemical and pharmacological studies on carnitine: this was an extraordinary intuition that opened new horizons to knowledge.

Sigma-tau develops, manufactures and sells synthetic drugs, drugs of natural and biotechnological origin. The Group owns a rich product portfolio, marketed in Italy and abroad. The Group is a leader in nutraceuticals and produces food supplements of high scientific interest.


The sigma-tau Group has headquarters in Pomezia (Rome, Italy) and has 1,410 employees and closed 2014 with a turnover of 491 million Euro.