Carnitene contains the active ingredient L-carnitine. This can be used in people with a primary or secondary carnitine deficiency. Often it could be inborn, however it can also be acquired. Carnitene is given to correct the body's L-carnitine deficiency.

Carnitene is available in three forms: tablets, drink formulation and vials. The vials are also used to treat patients with a dialysis-related carnitine deficiency. (DCD).


Dosage forms:

Tablets: 90 x 330 mg tablets.
Oral liquid: 10 x 10 ml bottles. Each bottle contains 1 gram L-carnitine 
Vials: 5 x 5 ml vials. Ech vial contains  1 gram L-carnitine 

Syntocinon ®

Syntocinon contains the active ingredient oxytocin.
Oxytocin is a hormone which is also formed in humans. It has different functions within the body.

The nasal spray can be used postnatally to trigger the milk "letdown" reflex if milk production is absent or insufficient. Syntocinon nasal spray (oxytocin) is absorbed into the body via the nasal mucosa.

The vials can be used to induce labour during childbirth. In some women contractions may be absent or not strong enough to induce delivery.

Packaging forms:

Syntocinon nasal spray: A pack contains one 5 ml bottle.Each millilitre of the spray contains 40 IU (international units) oxytocin. Each metered dose ("spray") delivers 4 IU oxytocin.

Syntocinon vials: A pack contains 5 x 1 ml vials. Each vial contains 5 IU oxytocin.

Synacthen ®

Synacthen contains the active ingredient tetracosactide. Synacthen can be used diagnostically to assess adrenal function and also, in some cases, as a treatment for certain diseases of the central nervous system.

Synacthen is a synthetic protein (polypeptide) which mimics the body’s natural adrenocorticotropic hormone (also known as corticotropin or ACTH).

Synacthen is primarily used for diagnostic purposes to investigate adrenal function in cases where the adrenal cortex is suspected not to be functioning properly. In some circumstances, Synacthen can also be used for the treatment of certain diseases of the central nervous system, namely acute exacerbation of multiple sclerosis (MS) and West syndrome, where infants with an abnormal EEG scan (a recording of brain activity) suffer spasms (episodes of involuntary muscular contractions).


Packaging form:

Each pack contains one 1 ml vial.
Each vial contains 0.25 mg tetracosactide.


Betnesol enema contains the active ingredient betamethasone, a topically applied corticosteroid. Betnesol is administered rectally and can be used to treat ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. Corticosteroids have anti-inflammatory action.

Packaging form:

Each pack contains 7 x 100 ml enemas.
Each enema contains 5 mg betamethasone.


Eurartesim contains two active ingredients: 320 mg piperaquine and 40 mg dihydroartemisinin. Eurartesim is an oral therapy which can be used to treat uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in adults and also in children over 6 months of age who weigh more than 5 kg.


Packaging form:

Each pack contains 12 film-coated tablets.
Each tablet contains 320 mg piperaquine and 40 mg dihydroartemisinin.

Zaditen ®

Zaditen contains the active ingredient ketotifen. It can be used for:

Prevention of: 
• Bronchial asthma with an allergic cause

Prevention and treatment of:
• allergic rhinitis
• allergic dermatitis

When used to prevent asthma, it may take several weeks to achieve the full therapeutic effect.

Packaging form:

A pack of Zaditen contains 30 tablets.
Each tablet contains 1 mg ketotifen.